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Graduate School in Ecological Genetics

The Graduate School in Ecological Genetics (GEcoGen) is an integrated Research Training Group (iRTG) specially designed to offer both doctoral and post-doctoral early career researchers (ECR) a targeted high-quality training. It is embedded in the umbrella graduate schools/academies at the participating Universities. Students within GEcoGen are gaining a profound understanding of the concepts and methodological approaches in the different disciplines of Molecular Biology and Ecology to develop novel research ideas and approaches in Ecological Genetics. 

The professional courses offered by the GEcoGen are assigned to three competence areas: communication, academic career, and non-academic career.

The objectives of the GEcoGen are:

  • Providing state-of-the art training in research and transferable skills for all ECRs in the TRR341 to build a cohort of young scientific and professional experts in Ecological Genetics
  • Ensuring and standardizing transparent best practice in recruitment, supervision, reporting, and quality control
  • Creating a professional environment optimal for successful individual career development and early autonomy of the ECRs