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Partner projects and institutions

UNTWIST takes advantage of the climate-resilient oilseed crop camelina in a multidisciplinary approach to unravel plant adaptation strategies to drought and heat stress, in order to address the increasing impact of extreme environmental conditions on crop yield and value. UNTWIST´s long term aim is to improve crop resilience and yield stability in changing, challenging climates, increasing the sustainability of European agriculture.

The TRR 341 and UNTWIST have agreed on assisting efforts to increase visibility of both projects, on organisation of meetings for results presentation and on setting a framework for future collaboration on other levels.


The TU Ilmenau is is cooperating with the TRR 341 within the framework of our Citizen Science Project Z5.

Prof. Patrick Mäder's group is working closely with our researchers to further develop the Flora Incognita mobile app and jointly record, store and analyze plant phenotypic data.