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Enabling platform Z2: Plant cultivation and phenotyping

Project Z2 has a very central role within this CRC because it serves as a coordination platform for all projects within the CRC TRR 341. It ensures that all experiments are performed and analyzed according to common procedures, and will facilitate the comparison of collected data across experiments and projects. Z2 is essential for accurate metadata assembly within the data management platform of the Project Z3 INF.

Project Z2 has the following objectives:

  • to ensure uniform plant cultivation procedures and data acquisition among TRR 341 projects to allow data integration within the CRC data management platform of the Project Z3 INF
  • to ensure optimal utilization of space, equipment and gardener support for all TRR 341 projects
  • to provide personnel support for plant cultivation


Automate your phenotyping

The Project Z2 is responsible for the management of the phenotyping sensor Phenospex PlantEye f600 Microscan, a multispectral 3D scanner for plant phenotyping. It is accessible to all research groups within the TRR341.

If you are interested to use the PlantEye for your research, read the first-steps guide here.

An online booking calendar is used to manage reservations of the PlantEye.

An external waterproof power station is also available to use the PlantEye outdoors, in the absence of electric power.