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Aquiring professional skills and career training

Complementary and professional skills training in the GEcoGen is offered primarily through support structures of the participating universities, such as the Graduate School for Biological Sciences (GSfBS) at the University of Cologne and the interdisciplinary Graduate and Research Academy of the Heinrich-Heine University in Düsseldorf (iGRAD). 

The Albertus Magnus Center at the University of Cologne is providing information and assistance to effectively support ECRs in the transition phases between individual career steps.

Courses concerning the principles of the TRR341, good scientific practice, equality & diversity, science communication and career design are mandatory for all doctoral students.

Alumni career-talks (Career day for ECRs) and individualized career councelling will ensure the success of the ECRs in setting future goals and finding their next job.


Seminar Series “PhD Career Perspective Event”

Since November 2022 early career researchers of the TRR 341 have joined the organization of the “PhD Career Perspective Event” series.

In this seminar series, fellow experts of diverse working fields inside and outside academia are invited to provide first-hand insights into their daily routine and career paths.

Our coming “PhD Career Perspective Event”  is always announced here.

For more information on previous events you may click here.