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The qualification program of the GEcoGen


Scientific and skills training

  • Basic scientific modules in Biostatistics and experimental design, Plant Genetics, Ecology, Molecular Biology, Systems Biology, and Plant Diversity
  • Collaborative set up and monitoring of common garden experiments within the framework of the project A12 (Hoecker, de Meaux)
  • Training in public outreach and communication through involvement in a Citizen Science Project
  • 3-day Internal Progress Colloquia every six months
  • Independent organization of workshops and symposia e.g. International Symposium in Ecological Genetics
  • Obligatory training in good scientific practice and in equality and diversity awareness 


Supervision concept within a structured programme

Doctoral candidates assemble a Training Advisory Committee (TAC) with at least three members, including the PI(s), a CRC PI from a different project, and a non-PI member.

Regular TAC meetings ensure high quality supervision of the project, good scientific practice and mentoring of the doctoral candidate.

TAC meeting Month Focus
1st 2 Supervisory agreement
2nd 6 First report and project outline
3rd 12 Research progress and training requirements
4th 24 Research progress and participation at conferences
5th 36 Research progress, timeline of the thesis, career advice